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All The Life And Career Secrets Dolly Parton Has Recently Revealed

Dolly Parton has managed to remain fairly elusive during he life, keeping some very interesting secrets tucked away from the public...

Dolly Parton is a truly iconic artist who has somehow managed to entertain fans of all ages over the span of decades. One would be hard-pressed to find a single person who doesn’t at the very least know what she looks like and who she is. Her entire life has unfolded in front of the cameras, as Dolly Parton has flown from here, there, and everywhere to entertain the masses on all of the world’s most prestigious stages.

Despite her incredible, worldwide fame, Dolly Parton has somehow managed to remain fairly elusive, keeping some very interesting secrets tucked away from the public… until now. The Mirror indicates that she has just revealed some very interesting details about her life and career that have never before been shared with fans, and we’re about to dish the details…

10 Dolly Parton Secretly Covers Her Scars With Tattoos

Dolly Parton is always photographed wearing long sleeves and has never shown any skin to the public or the press. For a very long time, rumors were spreading surrounding the idea that perhaps she is covered in tattoos. As it turns out, she has just revealed that she does in fact have some tattoos, but Dolly Parton insists she is definitely not ‘covered’ in them. Instead, it has come to light that she uses pastel colored butterfly tattoos to cover up small scars that she has on her body.

Her Husband Doesn’t Care That She’s A Flirt

Dolly Parton refers to her marriage as being an ‘open marriage,’ yet insists that it’s not open in the physical sense. She and her husband Carl are both comfortable with the fact that she is a flirt and that she is often chatty with other men. Dolly indicates that her husband is very much a homebody, and he prefers to live a simple life, away from the hoopla of fame. She says he is aware that she is a flirt but is confident that she doesn’t act inappropriately. They’re devoted to one another in every way.

Dolly Parton Still Keeps Things Super Steamy At Age of 75

Dolly Parton dolls herself up to look good and feel great, and even at the age of 75, she definitely still puts work into her physical appearance. Taking things one step further, she is no stranger to putting on lacy lingerie and tantalizing her husband. For his 79th birthday, she actually recreated her Playboy cover from 1978 by dressing seductively and promising him a: “hot girl summer.”

She Doesn’t Like Being Called A Feminist

Many people believe Dolly Parton to be a feminist icon, but in actuality, one of the secrets she recently revealed was the fact that she doesn’t like the term ‘feminist’ at all. Dolly shocked fans by revealing that most of the songs she has written are from the male perspective. Those who have always associated Dolly Parton with feminism will surely think twice before doing so.

Dolly Parton Is Deeply Religious

Dolly Parton is a very religious woman and was brought up by a family with deep Christian roots. She admits to fans that when she is in need of guidance and direction, she turns to God. Dolly Parton is a firm believer in the power of her faith. She admits to the benefits of prayer when she is in need of guidance and clarity in the world.

She Has Had Suicidal Thoughts

Fans were reeling upon the discovery that Dolly Parton has had suicidal tendencies. From the outside looking in, Dolly Parton’s life truly seems like one to admire, but in reality, she has worked through some very difficult times.

Dolly Parton tells fans that her open relationship led to ‘an affair of the heart,’ which was devastating to her. She went on to describe a particular moment in which she eyed a gun in her nightstand and stood there trying to imagine what it would be like if she pulled the trigger. Just in that moment, as she picked up the gun, her dog Popeye ran into the room, and the crisis was averted.

She Never Had Children… Because She Can’t

Many fans have wondered why Dolly Parton doesn’t have any children, especially after being married to Carl for so long. As it turns out, the only reason she doesn’t have children is because she physically can’t. E! Online reveals that in the ’80s, Dolly Parton suffered from abdominal bleeding and forced her to undergo a partial hysterectomy. This left her physically unable to have children, and her message about this was that this was God’s plan, so she has accepted it. She went on to say she relies on humor and positive thinking to get her through her tough days.

She Has No Plans To Retire Anytime Soon

Dolly Parton may be 75 years old, but she has absolutely no interest in slowing down. She has already worked well beyond the age of retirement and has told her fans that she is planning to perform until the day comes that she physically can’t do so. Dolly Parton thrives on the energy exuded from fans and uses that energy to push forward in a positive manner and make the very best memories today.

Dolly Parton’s Secret To Her Marriage Is Laughter

Those wondering how a superstar like Dolly Parton can stay married to one person for an extended period of time need not wonder anymore. She has openly revealed that laughter is what keeps her going. Even during times that seem impossible, she and Carl focus on the funniest and try to push through their troubled days by maintaining their humor with one another.

She Has Definitely Had A Lot Of Boyfriends

Dolly Parton has officially confirmed the rumors – she definitely had a lot of boyfriends when she was in her prime. Dolly admits to loving men and has openly talked about the fact that she has most definitely kissed her fair share of boys along the way. She has also been entangled in an affair and admits she has had a lot of work to do to mend her mistakes.

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