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Big Bang Theory: 9 Underrated Moments Between Howard And Sheldon

Underrated "acquaintances" of the show, Sheldon and Howard have surprisingly many emotional or hysterical moments together.

The popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory could be credited mainly to the characters and their relationships. The dynamic between the characters is an experience on its own which captivated viewers for 12 seasons. While Sheldon could, at times, be a questionable friend to his group, his growth over time showcased a caring heart.

Sheldon’s closeness to each varied from Leonard and Penny to Bernadette and Howard, each having their tantalizing friendship. Howard’s relation, in particular with Sheldon, was amusing yet contentious. Though often teased about not having a doctorate, there were moments over the course that showed a mellower part to Sheldon and Howard’s relationship.

Sheldon And Howard’s Fight For The Parking Spot

A must mention, the episode “The Parking Spot Escalation” was one of the most memorable and hilarious episodes that saw the turmoil of their so-called friendship over a parking spot. Howard is assigned a parking spot that once had belonged to Sheldon for his newly purchased car. Considering Sheldon’s frivolous behavior over ‘his spot,’ a war ensues between them.

The idea of fighting over a parking spot was more than humourous; it was petty and silly. The foolish fight even got the girls involved in it as well, each sticking for their man. The trifling brawl bought the two clashing personalities on-screen, showing similar traits of being haughty.

Reverse Pranking Each Other

“The Good Guy Fluctuation” gave the audience a full-fledged pranking bonanza. While Leonard faces a dilemma over his long-distance girlfriend, the rest have fun pranking each other, balancing the episode with light-heartedness.

Stuck at work over nine, Sheldon becomes a victim of Halloween pranks. While the episode further delves into the miserable failure of Sheldon trying to get back at them, his utter failure with Howard cracks the viewers. His plan of shocking Howard with a joy buzzer backfires when Howard and Bernadette play along and ‘reverse-prank’ Sheldon. An underrated and laughable Halloween moment between the contraries.

Howard And Sheldon Flying To Houston

Howard and Sheldon’s friendship is unsettling throughout the series, but as the series progresses, there are amends. “The Friendship Turbulence” plotline saw both trying to move beyond their petty insults, with Howard suggesting to be better friends. They both travel to Houston for Howard’s talk for NASA, an attempt to make amends.

The scene with them bickering at the beginning of the flight to both of them holding their hands can be deemed hysterical. The turbulence sure shook their friendship; while the entire situation was comical, the things each said to each other, thinking that was their last, made it heartfelt as well.

Howard Dressed As Sheldon For Halloween

Holidays are special occasions that usually bring the funniest episodes for a series. TBBT has had plenty of runs of episodes celebrating the holidays Christmas, Halloween, and even Sheldon’s birthday over its long premise. “The Imitation Perturbation” definitely brings in laughs for the audience.

Wolowitz’s uncanny costume of Sheldon for Halloween in the Caltech premises is a funny anecdote of their complex relationship. It is even more hilarious when Sheldon does not realize this. But things go red rumble when Sheldon retaliates this by cross-dressing as Howard at Leonard and Penny’s party. Despite the two couples’ intense tension, the scene brings their opposite personalities and limelight the pettiness of both.

Sheldon And Howard Trying The Rocket Launch

Over the overwhelming news of having a boy, Howard seems to start doubting himself if he would be a good father or if he could bond well with his son. The episode “The Explosion Implosion” sees a whirlwind of Howard coping with the news and trying to figure out ways to connect with his soon-to-be-born son. Sheldon and Howard bond over model rockets, as both used to build when they were young.

On discovering a Saturn V rocket model that Howard’s dad had bought before leaving, Howard suggests building and launching the rocket. During the launch, they do bicker often, with the countdown and the peanuts, but after the miserable fail attempt of the launch, Howard feels deflated. But Sheldon stays by and retorts back, saying that Howard didn’t know much about raising a girl as well but is doing so quite well. The scene was hysterical yet emotional.

Howard Letting Sheldon Drive His Car

The relationship between Sheldon and Howard potentially grows over the 12 seasons, but parts of the show still focus their bond as just “treasured acquaintances.” However, in certain situations, they did put aside their differences and encouraged each other.

In the  “The Explosion Implosion” episode, after discovering that he would have a son, Howard seems displaced about raising one. The drive while coming back from their rocket launch opens a plethora of emotions between the two. While Sheldon revealed that he barely managed to pass his driver’s test, he volunteers to drive, seeing Howard emotionally distracted. As Howard coaches him on driving, Sheldon compliments and assures Howard that he was a good teacher and his son would be lucky to have him. A brief moment of Sheldon appreciating and reassuring Howard on his skills.

Howard Surprising Sheldon With Mark Hamill

The series has often shown the boys’ love for Star Wars and how they idolized it. The cameo of Mark Hamill in the eleventh season finale was a penultimate surprise for the characters and the audience.

In the episode ” The Bow Tie Asymmetry,” after Howard finds a dog at his house, Bernadette refuses to have one more on her responsibility plate and ends up contacting the owner. The astonishing coincidence was the dog belonged to Mark Hamil. One of the legendary fan moments. Mark Hamil insists on rewarding Howard, to which Howard says he would regret it. It later revealed that Howard asked Hamil to officiate Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. The moment was one of the kindest and treasured gestures Howard took for Sheldon.

Sheldon Consoling Howard After Mrs. Wolowitz’s Death

Character death is always an emotional moment for the actors and the audience, especially if the timing is untimely. Mrs. Wolowitz’s untimely demise written in the script was due to the actor playing Debby passing away.

The scene was crucially important yet utterly painful. The shock of Mrs. Wolowitz’s death was a shock for the audience and more so for the cast members. The scene caught Howard at one of his lowest points while Sheldon speaks up and comforting him by saying that he has friends to lean on, unlike his own past is beyond Sheldon’s character. Sheldon’s comforting words did lighten and tense the moment, and the scene captured the earnestness in Sheldon trying to comfort his friend.

The Ending Speech By Sheldon

The finale of the series tugged the emotional strings, but the blowout was the Nobel Prize speech delivered by Sheldon. The ending speech was a note of thanks and gratitude to his friends for staying by him all these years and making him who he was.

While he did thank each one, calling Howard “Astronaut Howard Wolowitz” was the peak moment of friendship between the two characters. After twelve long seasons, Sheldon finally acknowledged Howard as a friend, an astronaut, and tarnished the condescending attitude towards him that truly marked the pinnacle in their relationship.

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