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Boy Meets World: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

From Alan Matthews to Cory Matthews, here are the main characters of the hit show Boy Meets World ranked from least likable to most likable.

There are certain things that just scream the 90’s. After plaid and Lunchables, people immediately think of the sweet sitcom Boy Meets World. Watching Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) grow up was just so heartwarming, and he always had so much fun with his friends and family that viewers around the same age could relate.

Boy Meets World confused viewers sometimes, but the show is still a big fan favorite. Even though this is a family-friendly sitcom with kind-hearted characters, some of them didn’t make as good an impression on viewers as others, and some were difficult to really love.

10 Alan Matthews

Cory and Shawn’s father Alan (William Russ) isn’t the most memorable character on Boy Meets World. He’s not going to be considered one of the best TV fathers.

He could be strict and he would get pretty mad, so he’s not the most likable character on the popular show. He doesn’t stand out enough from the pack of TV fathers.

9 Morgan Matthews

Cory’s sister Morgan was played by Lily Nicksay and Lindsay Ridgeway at different times, and she’s definitely one of the most adorable TV siblings.

Morgan isn’t necessarily the most likable character, though, because she isn’t in very many scenes. It’s tough for fans to feel like they know her since she isn’t given a big, obvious personality. She mostly says a few cute lines of dialogue and then seems to disappear.

8 Jack Hunter

Matthew Lawrence played Jack, Shawn’s older brother, and the two were always a permanent and welcome fixture on Boy Meets World.

Jack could be too tough on Shawn, and he often felt that he had to be a father figure to him since they were on their own. While all of his actions are understandable, he’s not that easy to like, and he could have been a lot nicer to his brother.

7 Amy Matthews

Cory and Shawn’s mother Amy (Betsey Randle) is a good mom and she’s always there for her kids, but she doesn’t prove very memorable, either.

When fans look back on this series, they might not be able to pick out any main personality traits, as she seemed like a token, traditional mom. She raised her children and tried to steer them in the right direction. She’s fairly easy to like as there’s definitely nothing wrong with this character.

6 Jonathan Turner

There are good and bad TV teachers, just like in real life, and Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) is definitely one of the better ones. He takes Shawn under his wing and tries to help him out since he knows that he doesn’t have a dad.

Most people would be thrilled to have a teacher like Mr. Turner who dressed really cool, often in a leather jacket, and who always seemed like he truly loved being in a high school environment helping the kids.

5 Topanga Lawrence

Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Cory are soulmates, but there are some things about this character that can rub people the wrong way.

For one thing, she’s a bit conceited, and she definitely thinks that the universe revolves around her. For another, she doesn’t think that she should ever fail or get a bad grade, and that can be grating to watch. That’s why she’s ranked in the middle of likable characters on Boy Meets World. Besides her flaws, Topanga really does love Cory, and she’s not a bad person.

4 Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) might seem a bit harsh and intimidating at first, but that’s just because he wants the best for his students.

One of the most popular TV teachers ever (and probably one that many fans wish was a real person), Mr. Feeny has captured everyone’s hearts. He’s got the sweetest soul around and he really cares about Cory and his friends and family. Whether doling out great advice or just trying to steer Cory in the right direction, Mr. Feeny is one of the most popular characters on the show or on any sitcom from this time period.

3 Shawn Hunter

Shawn and Cory have many best friend scenes as the two couldn’t possibly be closer. Rider Strong’s character is also very likable, as he’s been through a lot in his young life but he still strives to be a good, kind person. It would make sense if he was mean, cruel, and bitter, but that’s not him at all.

Shawn doesn’t have the family unit that the Matthews have, which is heartbreaking, and whether he’s scheming with Cory or falling for Angela (Trina McGee), he’s one of the best characters.

2 Eric Matthews

Will Friedle’s Boy Meets World character, Eric, is definitely one of the easiest to like. Sure, he starts acting a bit weird near the end of the show, but fans can forgive him that as he’s a great older brother to Cory most of the time.

Eric is always in a good mood and ready to make someone laugh or cheer them up, and that counts for a lot. Even when he could stand to grow up a bit (or a lot), he’s so charming that everyone loves him.

1 Cory Matthews

Fans were excited to see Topanga and Cory come back for Girl Meets World, and Ben Savage’s character is the most likable on the show.

Viewers see the whole story from Cory’s perspective, and he grows up before everyone’s eyes. When fans first see him, he’s a child who is struggling with his place and wondering if he’s ready to start dating girls. By the time the show ends, he’s a married man. Cory is just as charming as his big brother, and he’s got a great easygoing and sweet personality that serves him well no matter what situation he finds himself in.

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