David Spade Hilariously Recalls Writing SNL Sketch with Tom Hanks That ‘Bombed’

“Our eyes connected and we were like, ‘It’s over.'”

David Spade is taking a look back at the time when he and Tom Hanks wrote a comedy sketch on “Saturday Night Live.”

While appearing on Wednesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the comedian — who was promoting his new podcast “Fly on the Wall,” which is about “SNL” — recalled writing a skit with Hanks about subway surfing … and how it ultimately “bombed.”

“He hosted early on, early on for me. And he doesn’t know I’m some dips—,” began Spade, 57, who joined “SNL” in 1990. “When we’re there, we’re all writers, but we’re all equal in the host’s [eyes].”

The “Joe Dirt” star said Hanks pitched a sketch about subway surfing and asked Spade if he wanted to write it with him. “I go, ‘Yeah.’ He doesn’t know I’m horrible,” Spade quipped. “Then he’s going, ‘We should have music!’ I go, ‘Of course.’ I don’t know how to write music.”

“First of all, I have a legal pad,” he continued. “We don’t have computers back then. So I’m like [scribbling]. I knew how to write a couple of jokes. We wrote it all night, and then we did it, and it bombed.”

The actor added that he and Hanks had performed the sketch during rehearsal — and “really ate it.”

“I remember being on the subway — surfing — and he was next to [me],” Spade recalled to Kimmel. “Our eyes connected and we were like, ‘It’s over.’ We were two minutes into it and we had five more. I’m like, ‘Oh it’s bombing!'”

Spade said Hanks ended up cutting the whole thing. However, while the sketch didn’t make it into the show, Spade noted that the skit has stayed with Hanks to this day.

“We talked about it and he remembered the song,” the stand-up comedian said of Hanks, who was a guest on his new podcast. “He sang the whole song … I couldn’t believe it.”

Spade began as a writer on “SNL” in 1990, and was later promoted to a cast member. He remained on the sketch comedy series until 1996. Spade went on to host two episodes: one in 1998, and another in 2005.

Hanks, meanwhile, has hosted “Saturday Night Live” a whopping 10 times, with his most recent appearance being in April 2020.

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