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Former ‘Boy Meets World’ Cast Member Maitland Ward Has A Surprising New Career

Maitland Ward's career took a surprising turn after 'Boy Meets World' ended.

Despite how many years have passed since the show was on the air, ‘Boy Meets World’ still has a special place in many now-adult viewers’ hearts. Clearly, the show had something special, so much so that Disney revived the concept with ‘Girl Meets World’ with another generation of the Matthews family.

Yet fans are still fascinated by what the former cast members are up to now. Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Daniell Fishel) returned to the small screen together for ‘Girl Meets World,’ and some former cast members also made guest appearances.

But someone that fans have heard much less about is Maitland Ward, who played Rachel McGuire for a few seasons of the series.

When Ward’s former castmates learned what career moves she’s making these days, they were surprised but mostly intrigued. So what has the former sitcom star been up to?

Who Is Maitland Ward, AKA Rachel McGuire?

Rachel joined the ‘Boy Meets World’ core friend group in season six, when the group is off at college. She is Topanga and Angela’s friend, but is also Eric and Jack’s roommate, later becoming Jack’s love interest.

Rachel only appeared in the sixth and seventh seasons of the show (and the 7th was its last), but she formed a bond with the other cast members and has given interviews since then about the experience she had on set.

And apparently, she’s still close with the friends she made on ‘Boy Meets World.’ So when she decided to take her career in a new direction, she was a bit worried about what they would think.

What Is Maitland Ward Doing Now?

The surprising career move that Maitland Ward made was somewhat gradual. After ‘Boy Meets World,’ she acted in a few other relatively minor roles.

Then, she “retired” from acting and began cosplaying regularly. That, she later explained in various interviews, led her to other unconventional opportunities. Around 2013, Ward earned a following on social media for her risque photos. A few years after that, she received an interesting job offer.

Maitland Ward Works In The Adult Film Industry

In 2019, Maitland confirmed that she had just appeared in her first adult film — at age 42. And she stated, per TMZ, that she didn’t think the bend in the road of her career path would hurt her chances at any other roles — adult or otherwise — in the future.

In fact, she elaborated that the decision was a business-savvy one, and that the world of adult films would only lead to other opportunities for work. What’s more, Ward claims that other actresses have reached out to support her business decision.

But how do her former co-stars from the arguably wholesome ‘Boy Meets World’ series feel about the publicity she’s getting?

Ward Says Her Former Co-Stars Are Supportive

In a 2020 interview, Maitland explained that her former co-stars have her back when it comes to any and all career moves she makes.

After running into Will Friedle at a comic con event, Ward said that he asked her only whether she was happy — no judgment. Ward answered that she was, and that was that. The pair posed for photos together and caught up, but Ward also explained that she’s still been in touch with the rest of the cast.

In fact, she said she’d been receiving calls full of both support and intrigue about her career moves. According to Ward, she’s perfectly happy to share insider details about her new industry. And the only person she claims she won’t talk about her career with? Mr. Feeny, William Daniels.

What Will Maitland Ward Do Next?

Maitland doesn’t appear to have any plans to change career paths again, though she probably wouldn’t say no to a ‘Boy Meets World’ reboot or reunion; she says the cast is tight-knit and like a family, even now.

But that doesn’t mean acting and her former castmates are the only highlights in Maitland’s life. Although, it’s worth noting that she has received awards for everything from her ’90s run on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ to more recent adult film roles and scenes.

Ward also got married in 2006, to a real estate agent, and is still married now. The actress, whose married name is Maitland Ward Baxter, doesn’t share much about her personal life on her social media. But since there haven’t been any divorce rumors, it seems as if her hubby is perfectly happy with his wife’s career path — not that she would care if he wasn’t!

Maitland is clear that her career choice is one of empowerment, and she’s given plenty of interviews confirming that the adult film detour has done more for her career (and bank account) than any other role ever has.

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