Quentin Tarantino Was Blown-Away By This Director’s Praise

Tarantino broke down in front of a live audience after the praise he received.

Apparently, it’s not just fans who are enthralled with how Quentin Tarantino makes his movies. Other notable filmmakers have also been inspired by his work, despite having successful careers and storytelling perspectives of their own. This is certainly true of the A-list filmmaker who publicly praised Quentin so much that it actually caused him to get very, very emotional. Given how confident Quentin comes across in interviews, it was a truly special moment to see him be so genuinely humbled by one of his peers. Here’s what happened…

The Director Who Brought Quentin To Tears

At the beginning of 2020, before the start of the global pandemic, Hollywood had one of its last big functions in front of a live audience. This was the Palm Springs International Film Festival, where both Quentin Tarantino and his film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood were being honored.

As Quentin was being honored with the award for Best Director of the Year, Greta Gerwig got up to introduce him.

And it was an introduction all of us would have wanted for ourselves. It was filled with authentic emotion, outlandish praise, and true appreciation for all of the incredible movies Quentin has contributed to pop culture, the world, and our imaginations.

Of course, Greta Gerwig is one of the most notable talents in the film industry today. Her movies like Lady Bird and Little Women have earned universal critical acclaim. Not only is she know for being a superb writer and director, but she also is a talented actress. So, of course, Quentin would respect her. But he was just blown away by how much she respected him.

In fact, Greta has said that it was Quentin who inspired her to make many of her directorial choices, including filming on 35mm instead of digital.

“Tarantino movies have their rhythm and their own music. He’s like a playwright or a poet. That is how much he cares about words. And yet, and yet, it is not at all at odds with his virtuosic visuals. He’s one of the [filmmakers] we all measure ourselves against because he uses every part of the medium like the master he is. The images, the actors, the words, the costumes, the movement, the quiet, the din, the stillness, the music, all of it, all of it [is like] he actually becomes cinema. And also he’s in love with it!”

She concluded by saying that “Quentin Tarantino makes movies as if movies could save the world.”

“Movies can kill Hitler, free slaves, and give Sharon Tate one more summer … he makes movies like movies themselves matter like they are both high art — which they are — and that they are populist art — which they are. They’re speaking the most profound truths to the biggest crowds with the bravado that comes with the confidence that collectively everybody will be changed for the better by the experience.”

Quentin’s Emotional Response To Greta

After Greta’s rousing and passionate speech, Quentin Tarantino arrived on stage and instantly won over the crowd. Especially, after he started praising Palm Springs and the margaritas at the Blue Coyote. As he began to talk about Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the reason he won the award, he had to stop himself. Quentin was clearly becoming emotional. Not because of the film festival award for his movie, but because of Greta Gerwig’s comments.

“I’m gonna start crying because of what Greta Gerwig said about me,” Quentin said, wiping away what could have been tears. “She literally talked about me in the way I could only imagine somebody could ever talk about me in my wildest self-possessed dreams.”

At this point, the audience roared with laughter, but Quentin Tarantino was serious and emotional. He then turned to Greta and spoke to her directly in front of a packed auditorium.

“Thank you,” He said to his fellow film director. “I mean, my god! Thank you SO much!”

Once again, the audience roared with applause.

“My joke, that I say when people are going to talk about me, is, I say, ‘Speak about me as if I were dead.’ And they never do!” Quentin said laughing. He then turned back to Greta and said, “And you did! Thank you, Greta! Really, thank you. And thank you for this f**&ing wonderful award, man! This is awesome.”

One of the things fans adore so much about Quentin Tarantino is the fact that he gets so genuinely excited about making movies and all of the fun stuff that comes with it. He doesn’t come across as someone who is jaded by the industry. While he may get angry at aspects of it, including the Disney Corporation and their sneaky dealings around The Hateful Eight screenings, most of the time Quentin just seems pleased to be there. This is precisely what fans of cinema want to hear. After all, Quentin Tarantino is lucky enough to have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. And he knows it and doesn’t take it for granted. This also means that he’s capable of genuinely receiving compliments from the peers he deeply respects. This is a mindset we can all learn something from.

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