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The Most Emotional ‘Boy Meets World’ Episodes Ever

From the start to the final scene with Mr. Feeney, 'Boy Meets World' featured so many emotional moments.

Boy Meets World is one of the most cherished shows of all time, and it’s one that millions grew up with. While adults were watching Friends, younger audiences were tuning in to watch Cory, Shawn, and Topanga each week.

The show tackled real life issues, had some huge guest stars, and did just about everything right during its run.

Some of the show’s best episodes were emotional in nature, and it provided the show with an amazing balance over time.

Let’s shine a light on this brilliant show and the most emotional episodes in its history.

10 “Brotherly Shove” Saw A Fractured Sibling Relationship

Any person that has a sibling knows that things can get tense while growing up, but normally, there is a lot of love underneath. This is why it was especially hard to watch Cory and Eric get into a fight on this episode. The two had been so close for so long, and their fracture is heartbreaking.

“Seven The Hard Way” Showed Life Without Friendship

Friendly pranks are totally fine, but sometimes, they can spiral out of control. This is precisely what happens in this episode, and it leads to the group seeing what their life would be like if their friendship came to a screeching halt. It’s an uncomfortable episode, and it really highlights how important they are to one another. “Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself” still hits home.

“Cult Fiction” Saw Shawn Finding His Place

Watching Shawn join a cult while also seeing him dealing with the fallout of Mr. Turner being injured in a motorcycle accident makes for one of the heaviest episodes in the show’s history. Things work out in the end, and Mr. Matthews stepping up to the plate, and Mr. Turner gripping Shawn’s hand are some highlights from the episode.

“Life Lessons” Was A Bad Episode For Mr. Feeny

No one ever wants to see something bad happen to Mr. Feeney, but after the beloved teacher refused to throw a bone to the class, Cory and some thugs from school decide to bust up his house a little bit. Given everything that happened in the years leading up to this moment, it was especially hard to watch.

“Everybody Loves Stuart” Had An Inappropriate College Professor

Watching a college professor get inappropriate with Topanga was infuriating for viewers, and it was especially infuriating for Cory, who decided to get physical with the teacher. The episode is pretty emotional, and it gets bonus points for featuring both Savage brothers playing the two combatants in the brief dust-up.

“We’ll Have A Good Time Then” Was The Moment Shawn Lost His Father

The Hunter family has a complicated relationship with one another, but it is never easy seeing someone lose a person that they love. This is the episode where Shawn is forced to say goodbye to his father at the hospital, and his final words to his father remain as sad as ever.

“Dangerous Secret” Dealt With Abuse

This episode marked a turning point for the show, as it was clear that things were only going to get heavier from here on out. In this episode, we learn of a young girl being abused by her father, and we have to watch the main characters figure out the best course of action to take. A hotline number for abuse was even provided for viewers.

“If You Can’t Be With The One You Love” Showed Cory Abusing Alcohol

There is no Cory without Topanga, but in this episode, the duo are officially separated, and Cory decides to comfort himself with alcohol. Overall, this episode actually gets pretty dark, and it wound up being too dark for Disney Channel, who would ban the episode from being shown on the network.

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, this episode is more than enough to make any grown person cry. Seeing Amy struggle after the complications of her pregnancy and her infant going on life support was crushing to viewers. This largely overshadows the subplot of Eric considering adoption in the episode.

“Brave New World” Ended The Show In Style

So many popular shows fail to stick the landing, but Boy Meets World went out in style. This episode has so many emotional moments, but the group seeing Mr. Feeney one last time absolutely takes the cake here. “I love you, I love you all…class dismissed” is the Mr. Feeny line that can still make people cry to this very day. Utterly brilliant.

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