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This Is What Howard Stern’s Youngest Daughter Is Doing Now

Howard Stern got emotional talking about his youngest daughter Ashley, who is now 29 and a nurse practitioner.

Howard Stern spends very little time talking about his family on his radio show. While he’s been notoriously open about her personal life, private habits, and interests on his acclaimed show, this is one topic he seldom delves into. This is, with the massive exception, of his second wife Beth. Beth is very comfortable with the limelight, wants to spread awareness about her animal charities, and is happy to come on the show itself. But Howard doesn’t get into about his first wife, Alison Berns or their divorce. Most importantly, he doesn’t give too much away about his three daughters.

During their marriage (which lasted from 1978 to 2001), Howard and Alison had three daughters, Emily, Deborah, and Ashley. All of whom made appearances on The Howard Stern Show as children but mostly remained out of the spotlight since. As they got older, they had nothing to do with the show. Partly because Howard wanted to give them a normal life and partly because his unwavering dedication to his work may have had something to do with what happened to him and their mom. For one reason or another, Deborah and Emily have come up in recent years. But what about Ashley?

Ashley Stern’s Relationship With Howard Was Once Under A Microscope

Ashley, Howard’s youngest daughter, was once spotted everywhere with her famous father. Unlike her two sisters, she would be seen hanging around Howard and her stepmother, Beth, at various functions. They go to basketball games together, out for dinner, and even to swanky parties. On his show, Howard even mentioned how he once took Ashley and her friend to a private star-studded function. Still, he would rarely give the audience juicy details about her life.

While the same is true for Howard’s other two daughters, they have made the press for various reasons. Emily, in particular, got into some trouble with a play she was involved with that Howard had to step in and help her out with. Then, of course, there was her scathing interview in The New York Post about how her father turned her off of men. Fortunately, Howard and Emily’s relationship has improved greatly over the years and he has shared with his audience that she became a rabbi. He’s shared some occupation information about Deborah, as well as made some positive comments about her husband. But he’s said very little about Emily in recent years. But that changed during his January 26, 2022 show.

Ashley Stern Is Now 29 And Becoming A Nurse

Howard got surprisingly choked up when he revealed how old his daughter turned in January 2022.

“It was my daughter’s birthday on Monday. I should have wished her a happy birthday on the air. But I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t do that stuff on the air. But it was really kind of emotional because my little [Ashley] one has turned 29,” Howard said to his co-host Robin Quivers and his audience.

“I couldn’t believe that,” Robin admitted.

“I got all emotional because it seems like in the blink of an eye… I remember we’d walk through Central Park and she would hold my hand and it was dangerous walking in Manhattan with, you know, with a little kid. And she’d hold my hand but she had to stand on her tippy-toes to hold my hand,” Howard said. “It was so cute. And she’d see all of these dogs in Central Park. And she’d say, ‘Dad, I want a little white fluffy dog.’ And I said, ‘You got a dog already. You got Java. You got Bianca.’ And she said, ‘I want a dog that I can hold because those ones are too big.'”

While taking a walk down memory lane, Howard stated that he couldn’t believe that Ashley is now all grown up. Not only is she 29, but she’s engaged, and has become incredibly accomplished in her field… which is about as far from the entertainment industry as one could imagine.

“[Ashley’s] a fabulous nurse practitioner. She’s doing well,” Howard said. “Seeing Ashley at 29, I was like ‘Oy’. You know, if older Howard could talk to younger Howard I would tell him, ‘Don’t waste a minute of your life because it goes so fast in a blink of an eye’. You don’t realize it when you’re young.”

While Howard admitted that he was sick of hearing those lectures from old people when he was young, seeing Ashley become a woman has reminded him just how precious time really is.

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