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Which Boy Meets World Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

All of the zodiac signs are represented by the characters on Boy Meets World, and fans can find at least one person in Cory's life who they relate to.

As a young kid confused by school, girls, and friends, Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World won over viewers right away. As he got older and his life and problems got more complicated, fans could relate to him even more, as he was going through what so many people do. The show might have outdated fashion and cheesy jokes but the characters are what make it watchable even to this day.

All of the zodiac signs are represented by the characters on this sweet show, and fans can find at least one person in Cory’s life who they can relate to the most.

12Aries: Jonathan Turner

Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn) is the kind of guy who has a lot of passion for a cause that he believes in. Aries signs have the same personality as this character.

He’s a natural leader since he’s a teacher, and he also starts taking care of Shawn, hating the idea that this teenager doesn’t have a family. He approaches life with a brave, positive attitude.

11Taurus: Alan Matthews

Cory’s dad Alan isn’t the most popular and this character, played by William Russ, is just as stubborn as Taurus signs are.

Taurus signs find it tricky to compromise on something, which sounds like Alan, who has an idea of how he wants things to be. His wife, Amy, does often talk to him about being nicer to everyone in the family, and she’s always right.

10Gemini: Morgan Matthews

Cory’s little sister Morgan (played by Lindsay Ridgeway and Lily Nicksay) is a perfect Gemini. These zodiac signs are very curious about other people and they want to learn about the universe around them.

This definitely describes Morgan, who asks a lot of questions and seems like she’s soaking up everything that her family members tell her.

9Cancer: Cory Matthews

Many parts of Boy Meets World have aged poorly, but the main protagonist, Cory Mathews (Ben Savage), will always be adorable and relevant.

Cancer signs can relate the most to Cory, as he’s a stand-up, sweet guy. He cares about his family and his friends, and most of all, he wants to live a happy life with his one true love Topanga. Cancer signs like being at home and they approach situations in a much more sensitive and emotional way than other people, and Cory does that, too.

8Leo: Topanga Lawrence

Only someone who says “But I’m Topanga” on a regular basis could be a Leo sign, and anyone who shares this zodiac sign can relate to Danielle Fishel’s character.

Leos want to be noticed when they go anywhere or do anything, and that’s definitely Topanga. She finds it tough to blend into the background and she has a lot of energy.

7Virgo: Mr. Feeny

Mr. Feeny shares great advice with the gang, and this popular character, played by William Daniels, sounds a lot like a Virgo.

This zodiac sign will find that Mr. Feeny is super relatable, as he’s a careful, thoughtful person who is responsible, intelligent, and a big reader. He loves sharing his knowledge with his students and helping them out of jams, although he’s a bit on the quiet side unless someone gets to know him.

6Libra: Angela Moore

Shawn and Angela (Trina McGee-Davis) date from seasons five to seven, and they’re totally in love. She cares a lot about the people and things that matter to her, which makes her a Libra sign.

Libras will go to bat for someone or something that they deem important, and that’s exactly what Angela does. Fans were devastated when she moved away and she and Shawn broke up.

5Scorpio: Harley Keiner

Harley (Danny McNulty/Kenny Johnston) is the bully character on the early episodes of Boy Meets World, and Cory is absolutely terrified of him.

Scorpios have passion, boldness, and they can be very envious of others. Harley is a classic bully where it seems like he feels a lot of pain but covers it up by trying to hurt other people.

4Sagittarius: Shawn Hunter

Cory’s best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) shares many Sagittarius traits, like shying away from tradition and being a bit of a daydreamer.

Shawn is a sweet, troubled kid who has been given a lot of pain in life, as his family has totally fallen apart. He has other Sagittarius traits, as he’s funny, talkative, and he doesn’t like to be tied down in life.

3Capricorn: Stuart Minkus

Stuart Minkus (Lee Morris) goes to school with Cory and Shawn, and he’s definitely smarter than them.

He tries really hard in school and sounds like a Capricorn. This zodiac sign is stable and ready to settle down, and Stuart has a bright future ahead of him. He’s a loyal kid who doesn’t mind taking on responsibility and who always does the right thing.

2Aquarius: Rachel McGuire

Maitland Ward’s Boy Meets World character, Rachel, is the object of both Eric and Jack’s affection, and any Aquarius sign will relate to her.

Rachel often talked about feeling left out, which sounds like something that an Aquarius sign feels on a regular basis. This zodiac sign needs an equal amount of alone time and friend time, but they can have a hard time when they spend too many hours by themselves.

1Pisces: Amy Matthews

Amy (Betsey Randle) is definitely a Pisces sign. As Cory, Eric, and Morgan’s mom (and, later, Joshua), she’s warm, loving, and compassionate.

She feels things very deeply, and she has great motherly instincts. All she wants is for her family to be happy and healthy, and she’s the kind of character who can impact a lot of great wisdom, all while making dinner in the Matthews’ cozy kitchen.

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