Who Is Quentin Tarantino’s Wife, And What Does She Do?

Quentin Tarantino basically retired to start a family, but who's his wife, and what does she do?

He might have a brilliantly creative mind, but for a long time, it seemed like Quentin Tarantino was kind of a lone wolf. Most of his movies come from pretty personal places, but he’s never been one to share much about his private — or love — life.

He has, of course, opened up on occasion, especially when he received praise from another high-profile director. But up until 2018, no one knew much about Tarantino’s personal life — or his wife.

To be fair, the pair really only entered the spotlight when rumors of their marriage surfaced in 2018. They’d been linked for nearly a decade, though, noted Y Net News, pointing out that the couple initially met in 2009.

Interestingly, it was on the set of Tarantino’s film ‘Inglourious Basterds’ that Quentin met Daniella Pick. The cast and crew were filming in Israel, which is where Daniella is from.

But just who is Daniella, and what does she do for a living? Of course, a better question might be, what did she do before marrying her millionaire director husband? Well, she appeared in ‘Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood,’ but what else has Pick done in her career?

Though Daniella’s Instagram is set to private, she does have a bio that notes she’s a model and singer. Pick’s Twitter also hints at her modeling prowess.

💋One more from the new cover story for @yedioth @iamzivsade @hairtoss bymickey @[email protected]_ @razshechnik pic.twitter.com/h4XcY8LlJe— daniella pick (@DaniellaPick) September 20, 2017

Her father is also a musician, albeit not a famous one by western standards; he’s a well-known Israeli pop singer, though. The 71-year-old seemed to inspire a love of music in his whole family; he and his now-ex-wife continued to collaborate even after their divorce.

But Daniella and her sister performed together as a musical duo ages ago, and fans can still find their Hebrew-lyric songs online at places like Lyrics Translate. Daniella’s whole family is full of creatives and the rich and famous, though.

Her stepmother is a fashion designer, her brother-in-law is a hotelier (whose dad is a billionaire), and it seems that Quentin moved to Israel to spend more time with all of them, noted The Jerusalem Post.

In an interview, noted the publication, Tarantino noted how “wonderful” his life was in Israel. He called Tel Aviv his home and announced he planned to learn Hebrew.

But of his home life, Tarantino let it slip that maybe his wife, who was pregnant at the time, was taking a break from her career; he said their typical days included him writing, her making lunch, him writing some more, and then them watching movies together.

Who knows, maybe now that their son is just over a year old, Daniella will start making more music or debuting in fashion magazines again.

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